Do_More_Workflows_02Automation has revolutionized all the processes around the world and obviously, this trend has penetrated strongly the way software programs’ are made. The global IT philosophy is moving rapidly towards making the development of applications’ functions and tools affordable at the minimum amount of coding; this can accomplished by replacing the tons of code with workflows. A workflow is a set of multiple ready-to-use tasks that are connected to each other according to a defined sequence to get the required results from the given input.

Workflows can be built using specialized builders that afford simple and user-friendly interfaces that can facilitate the design process, and make it generic and more systematic.

GIS+ has developed many workflow-based solutions that can be summarized in the following points:

  • GIS models for advanced tasks in GIS
  • FME workbenches for conversion purposes
  • Geocortex workflows for multiple web and mobile applications tools
  • Erdas workflows for aerial photography processing